Hap-top is a notorious and wealthy criminal in the main universe and is featured in many other prominent alternate universes, First stealing dimension traveling technology to hunt Sam. Hat-Top is obsessed with getting rid of Sam in behalf of his father's philosophy which believed Sam had an unfair power to the everyday civilian, and when infuriated sends his Private army, contractors, and goons after Sam. His hierarchy of goons is very sophisticated and usually will not resort to brutality or petty crimes. Hat-Top's success came from inheriting his father's wealth which he invested many different weapons companies. Hat-Top was also featured in the Hard Fight series.

He sprouts a cane that transforms into a shotgun, A black tuxedo trench coat, and a white mask with a crack down the center.

It was later revealed that Hat-Top's Father Desmond had a history of hunting Sam which caused Hat-Top to pick up his philosophy.