"Hmhm, strange isn't it?"

"You, me... actually meeting again."

"I thought you'd lay away and waste in the shadows."

"But you... your power? Untold possibilities open right up. You don't know what this means for me right?"

"N- No..."

"I am going to fry the shit out of you."

"Until every last cell is ridden from you."


"You... You aren't expecting me to fight him are you?"

"You, him? Yes. You're easily going to finish him."

"I don't want to harm anyone. It's unfair to play that card on someone else."

"Well, he isn't really fair either, if it helps you justify the role you're playing..."

"I'm not working for anyone. This is sick..."

"The only thing that's sick here is your reluctance. Fight him, and you can have what was promised."

"I'd do anything for her. But you're not going to fucking manipulate me!"

Loud crash, static

"Test 2314, the subject is unwilling to forfeit its loss."



Electricity, screams

Heartbeat thumping

"You really aren't fit for this."

Key jingle

"You sure you want to keep going?"

"I won't sell out to your shit."

"Allow me to remind you this is your last chance. By not doing this you risk everything proposed before." 

"I'd rather see you in hell than betray it."

"So be it."


Louder electric shocks, screaming

Shocks get louder