Official Theta-7 Standard Briefing. Last updated XX/XX/XXXX Edit


Theta-7 Squad Yankee-Niner during QCQ training at [REDACTED] Training Yard. circa. 07/15/20XX

MTF-Theta 7 is designation given to the standing military force under the command of Sam. They consist of approximately 1 (one) full regiment of Active duty members and 2 (two) battalions in reserve. Recruits are pulled from many military outfits from around the globe, Private or national.

New recruits must score at least a 75% on the Kensington Mental fortuity test, and at 80% on "Special Forces All Weather Survival Course" (SFWSC) to be eligible for Recruitment. All personnel are subject to possible application of false memory implantation at the end of their tour, depending on where they were stationed and the level of sensitive information witnessed, Excluding officers and high ranking personnel all Theta-7 members are not to exceed Level-2 security clearance.

Theta-7 is generally contracted out to UN or other world governments in return for continued funding and Support of the Sam Private Military Solutions Corporation (SPMSC), But they are also the de facto military force in use by SPMSC, and in addition to field combat can be used as a stand-in police force and enforce martial law effectively in a mid-to-large sized city.

                             Recent Operation Reports.
  • Operation "Yellow Hearts" -Success: HAT-TOP operatives terminated or captured with little resistance.
  • Operation "Blind Dragon" -Success: Weapons convoy destroyed, survivors interrogated and terminated with little resistance.
  • Operation "Crickets" -Failure: [DATA EXPUNGED]
  • Operation "Snatch and Grab" -Failure: Heavy casualties sustained in protection of MTF-001 "Red Right Hand" and Sam while searching for POI "Gil", subject escaped during extended firefight.