Nothing is known about the mirror dimension outside of Sam's perspective and supposed encounter. The dimension consists of a warped world where distorted merged black creatures with bright yellow eyes roam and collide forming bigger masses. Sam encountered this dimension on an operation to steal one of the Green Milo's. As he and his unit were escaping a cave filled with monsters Hat-Top created to ward away thieves and guard the crystal deep inside the cave, a large rock spike of the cave dropped onto the helicopter sending it downwards. Infused with the crystal was a purple substance. When it landed on the helicopter it flew down crashing inside the cave. Sam's unit was mostly pulverized by the rock or killed in the Helicopter crash. Sam survived with a bit stabbing inside his upper left chest. While on the ground bleeding out Sam passed out and saw morphed versions of his friends along with the Same black creatures previously documented. Sam was trapped under the rock until an assembly arrived to EVAC him. Sam has not talked about the dimension following the incident.