"S.A.M" Is a Sam clone who took a chance joining the eastern wing of Sam's Private Military. S.A.M got stationed in an eastern base where he was recognized as S.A.M, the generals reported to him at the base, and during operation blind eye he did not tell anyone. His current whereabouts are unknown. The only distinction between S.A.M and Sam is S.A.M's missing hand replaced by a metal frame.


S.A.M manages the winter outpost captured by the Confederate Commandont who captured the stronghold in Operation Blind-Eye as it was believed to hold prisoners and shipping arsenal across the galaxy. S.A.M commands the Commandont that captured the outpost which none of which yet are informed that he's a clone.

[S.A.M'S Operations.]
Operation Behemoth NOV, 9, 2021
Operation Blind-Eye JUL, 25, 2024