Part One: "Operation Spear Tip."

Sam stormed down a hallway through two doors into a well-lit room, waiting for him was two generals standing in attention. Sam nodded. Sam sat down as did the others. 

"It was brought to my attention in the coming week's operation Snatch, and Grab or "Spear Tip" will take place... Have you successfully alerted Red Right Hand?"

The general raised his finger

"Yes sir, John is working on briefing his men and mobilization."

"Very nice, John is never a weak choice."

"So can we go over the scale of this operation again sir?"

"Yes, Seize target Gil and force the power source into our hands. If he refuses, we have a place for him." Sam looked around the meeting table at both of them.

"Yes, sir."

"I've uncovered from satellite imagery that the base in Black Foot mountain. It's an old intelligence and recon base that Hat-Top used to use."

The general chuckled

"Sneaky bastard lifted it right under Hat-Top's nose."

Sam put on a fake light chuckle

"Yeah, yeah. We'll see how sneaky this fucker is until we show up at his doorstep."

"Ok, ok."

The generals nodded.

Sam spoke up-

"Until then I want a lockdown on this information If the hermit finds out about our operation then he's as good as Hat-Top's."

"Now get out."

The generals stood up and left the room; the door closed behind them.

Sam put his hands on the table with his shoulders peering up as he stared at the screen.  

Part Two: "Deep Down Black Foot."

Sam was in a humvee accompanied by Red Right Hand. He slowly surveyed out the windows time to time. He crossed his arm around his chest lying back into the middle seat. Sam had great hopes for what was in this mineshaft. The target he had been waiting for since the mid-term through this war. He sat there nervously thinking about the complexity of the base. Sam noticed squire was gripping the gun rather tightly noting about it. John interrupted 

"You know, I really wish you would've stayed back at camp with Theta-7" John folded the map he was observing.

Sam let out a sarcastic chuckle

"I can damn well handle myself on the field. you know that better than anybody else."

"Yeah I know, that's not the point though. We're fighting a losing war here Sam..."

John paused, thinking what he would say wouldn't so sound nice.

"And if anything happened to you, well that'd be game over."

Sam had started chewing his tongue after that.

The truck sat in an awkward silence as the car drew closer up the hill as the forests got scarcely less dense. The Humvee's radio went off. Sam immediately took attention and looked forward to the radio. 

"I'm in position here at the overwatch point and uh, I gotta be honest cap. This place looks like a shithole, you sure some bigshot ex-HAT TOP guy is using this place as a base?" Juno's voice rang out through the truck as John smirked and picked up the receiver."

Yeah that's uh, kind of the point June."

"Yeah I wasn't expected a big fuckoff neon sign or something, its just...It looks like nobody has set foot near this place in decades." She retorted. "Anyways I'm all set up here, got a pretty good view of the surrounding area so if anybody shows up I'll be able to keep you boys alive."

"Oh Juno, What would we do if you weren't here to babysit us incompetent jokers?" Tan said with a sarcastic twinge in his voice."

Sam started to drown out the banter.

Squire rolled his eyes and let out an audible sigh. Sam snickered beside.

Squire removed his headset to adjust his hat, then slung it back on squinting at something ahead on the road. He clutched the turret in suspense.

"What the fuck?"

His transmission was immediately obstructed by a loud gunshot and clean shot straight through his chest.

Sam was directly under him gawking up at his chest. 

Part Three: "A big fuck off."

Sam stared up at the body in disgust. The impact of bullets raining head-on into the front of the Humvee blurred the noise of Red Right Hand. All Sam could focus on was the body crumpling onto the cab. Sam heard a faint screaming as he tilted his head down following the body's path. The car turned breaking his concentration. He looked at the roof as the Humvee fell into the small drop of the woods below. Green was dodging trees left and right swerving the Humvee. Sam got a hold of himself leaning forwards grabbing the top of the seat. Sam spotted obstacles for green. Green slammed on the breaks after they were semi-clear of whoever was firing at the car. Sam fell back into his seat using his radio. Green climbed over Sam getting in the back to treat Squire. Other's were concentrated on getting back to their previous actions. Sam reconned for more units to be sent but a back way.

"We need reinforcements, don't kill the poor fuckers. Send them a back way."

John looked at the back seat immediately shouting orders to Sam and others.

"Tan, driver's seat! Sam, I need you on that 50. right now!" John turned back around taking pot shots on enclosing enemies.


Hat-Top's mercenaries started firing at Sam on the 50. Sam flinched then fired back taking out a large portion. 


Sam checked back noticing Green performing medical work on Green.

Sam looked back on the road waiting.

Ignoring the banter Sam pressed his teeth down on his tongue in anticipation of an attack.

A truck flew down the hill firing at them. Green and others inside ducked.

Sam shot back riding the body and wheels with MG fire. The truck brushed off the cliff straight into a plummet and crashing into the ground.

Sam paused after his short victory, "I uh, think we got contact."

Sam would see a line of AFV'S and multiple Helicopters barreling straight towards their position.

Sam would see John step out of the truck. He'd look up to Juno asking if the backup they called for was coming.

Part Four: Blood down Black Foot.