Gil slowly got out of his bed. He slowly made his way to the hidden door that opened into his chamber. Opening hit he'd head outside into an empty room. His footsteps echoed as he reached the bottom. Walking down another sector of corridors he made it into the unwelcomely lit and loud room. Scientists were scattered all around frantically doing research on the Milos. Gil stopped and sighed before wiping his face. With a clean expression, he walked up a flight of stone stairs to the top of the cylinder-shaped room. There were three men working on computers.

"Jesus Christ, do you ever stop working on this thing?" Gil said in a grizzly tone of voice

The scientist snarked and replied with; "Maybe if we weren't so busy un-intentionally keeping you out of Hat-Top's hands we'd have time to stop. Plus if you think we're here because of you, you're lying to yourself."

Gil shrugged it off scowling

Bix walked back down putting his arms to his sides and staring up at the machine harvesting the Milos.

It's harvesting was generating high decibels drowning out any other noises One of Gil's students tapped him on the shoulder startling him. The student apologized.

"Sorry, excuse me, sir. We have some more training scheduled. And you see the recruits have started to pester me about the schedule."

"You had startled me there. You can tell them I'll be there."

They nodded.

The man left the room.

Gil waited a couple minutes before exiting the compound.

Gil opened the large metal bunker door walking outside onto a higher plane of the mountain and enrolling his students. 

Gil started to train them in basic scavenging and running methods.

Gil had dismissed the class as he hears a gunshot go off.

His students were all fearful ducking or falling back.

Gil held his stance for a second attempting to regain his center.

He told the students to head inside.

Bix started rushing towards the sound.